Vermonters have access to a range of services and supports to address the many challenges resulting from addictive disorders. A variety of ‘levels of care’ are available based on the significance and severity of an individual or family’s needs. Some of the many approaches available including individual and group counseling, intensive services available through community providers, residential programs for more significant needs, and a variety of specialty programs for specialized needs (including services for adolescents and families, specific services for women, specialty supports for the GLBTQ community).

A call to any of the VAATP member will allow access to many of these services. Coordination within the VAATP helps to insure that needs can be addressed across communities and across providers.

Many of the providers within VAATP accept public insurances (such as Medicaid) and private commercial insurances. Many VAATP providers also have State, Federal, and grant dollars to support treatment access regardless of the client or family’s ability to pay for their care. With questions about how to best access – or to pay for – treatment in Vermont, click here.