The Vermont Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, or VAATP, is the organization that represents the specialty addiction treatment system of care in Vermont. Our mission is to assist Vermonters whose lives have been adversely affected by drug and alcohol use. In 2013, there were 9478 admissions to treatment programs in the State of Vermont (TEDS data).

The VAATP work focuses on three things:

We Advocate for policies that will improve the lives those with addiction

We Connect people to treatment when they need it

We Educate the public about addiction and treatment’s effectiveness


Vermont depends on the treatment system being there when people need it.  The VAATP helps to maintain an accessible treatment system with a high standard of care for all Vermonters.  Working together to combat addiction in our communities, we collaborate about best practices and find ways improve access to services, improve outcomes, and coordinate care. Together with our mental health, recovery support, and medical partners, we are working to create an easily accessible total health care system that helps people when they need it the most.


When a person doesn’t know where to turn, VAATP is here to help. Our members are the agencies that serve individuals with their treatment needs, from adolescents to adults and older adults, and in outpatient treatment settings to residential programs. We work together to provide a comprehensive, organized, and coordinated system of care.  Help starts with a phone call to one of our agencies, who can help to connect individuals to needed services.


Many people have incorrect understandings about addiction and what it is. These kinds of misunderstandings can prevent people from getting connected to the care that they need and can actually be harmful. The VAATP helps to provide the public with accurate information about addiction’s costs and consequences, as well about the effectiveness of treatment.

The VAATP is a member affiliate of the National Council on Behavioral Health, the nation’s premier behavioral health association, which represents addiction and mental health providers nationwide, and advocates for the needs of those with mental health and addictive disorders.