VAATP represents the Addiction Treatment System of Care in the State of Vermont. Our organization helps to educate the public about addiction and the effectiveness of treatment at transforming lives and helping people find lasting recovery. Our member agencies provide effective, evidence-based treatment to many thousands of adults, adolescents, and families each year. The VAATP engages in advocacy to improve the care delivery system, so that all people can get help when they need it most.

Membership in the VAATP is available to organizations, agencies, programs, and community and private providers serving the substance abuse and addiction needs of Vermonters. Membership in the VAATP offers support, training, consultation, advocacy, and collaboration to insure coordinated care and best practices throughout Vermont.

VAATP members meet monthly, coordinate regularly, and work together often in support of Vermonters faced with the challenges of addictive disorders.

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