Vermont is fortunate to have a broad array of treatment providers that are well-coordinated throughout the State.  Representing all levels of care, ranging from early intervention and community-based services to intensive, residential, and hospital-based services, many of these programs, agencies, and organizations partner through the Vermont Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (VAATP).  Through these participating providers, and in coordination with many community partners, Vermonters can be assured of the highest quality of care – for themselves, family members of any age, or anyone in their lives negatively impacted by the misuse of drugs or alcohol

And while the VAATP providers work closely together, they also work closely with – and are often embedded with – other systems of care.  Vermont’s coordinated approach to care includes a range of services, systems, and supports focused on:

  • An Integrated Treatment approach:  blending substance abuse services with mental health services, developmental services, and medical services;
  • A full Continuum of Care:  including Prevention & Education, Intervention & Treatment, Recovery & Resiliency, Enforcement & Corrections
  • Developmentally-Matched Care: including children’s integrated services, adolescent and young adult specialty programming, integrated family services, gender-specific services, and elder services.

This multi-dimensional approach to service delivery in Vermont helps to insure that systems and services are well-coordinated, while also helping to address the unique circumstances of each person or family who comes in need of assistance.  Like to learn more about how Vermont’s Systems of Care can help you? Click here.

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