Washington County Youth Service Bureau / Boys & Girls Club (WCYSB)

The Healthy Youth Program (HYP) provides outpatient counseling to young people aged 12-25 for substance abuse and co-occurring conditions.  We are a youth focused program that recognizes the unique treatment needs of young people, prioritizes building strong relationships helping our clients  identify their own motivations for change. We believe young people are resilient and capable of bringing about positive change in their own lives. Best practices and research based approaches are use to achieve most effective results. HYP is currently part of the Vermont Youth Treatment Enhancement Project (VYTEP) a four year initiative aimed at improving Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services for young people across Vermont.


HYP provides drug and alcohol assessments; outpatient counseling for youth and family members; case management; early intervention strategies; the 7 Challenges program and coming this fall, another evidenced based trauma focused program known as Seeking Safety.

38 Elm Street
Montpelier, VT

Bert Klavens M.A. LADC, Healthy Youth Program Director; Kreig Pinkham WCYSB Executive Director