Rutland Mental Health Services

Alcohol and other drug dependencies can affect anyone, at any age, from any walk of life. Maybe you’ve realized that you can no longer control your drinking or drug use. Maybe it’s a spouse who needs a drink to “relax”, or a friend who makes too many excuses for his/her partner’s drinking. No one is immune, including people who may seem the least likely to develop a problem. The good news is, like many other diseases, substance abuse can be successfully treated.

For many substance abusers, the greatest hurdle to overcome is admitting the problem and seeking help. Clinical professionals at Evergreen Substance Abuse Services will help you identify the most appropriate course of action. Our goal is to provide treatment in a respectful, dignified manner, enabling the individual to acquire the skills necessary to support ongoing recovery.


  • Assessment and Referral
  • Quitting Time
  • Continuing Care
  • Community Services


135 Granger Street
Rutland, VT

Clay Gilbert, Director, Evergreen Substance Abuse Services

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