Northwestern Counseling & Support Services (NCSS)

Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services: NCSS provides comprehensive evaluation, referral and clinical substance abuse and behavioral health treatments for youth 12-18 who are experiencing concerns with psychoactive substances. NCSS has several skilled clinicians trained as licensed and certified alcohol and drug abuse counselors. Our clinicians have advanced training in administering the Global Assessment of Individual Needs (GAIN) and exposure to a number of different treatment models including MET/CBT and Seeking Safety.

NCSS provides an adolescent system of care that blends Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services offering seamless, integrated treatment to the communities we serve.  Individual and group outpatient support is offered in a variety of treatment modules and settings. NCSS serves as the treatment provider for the Franklin County Juvenile Treatment Court, the only juvenile treatment court in the state of Vermont. NCSS also has established relationships with some area high schools, embedding substance abuse clinicians within the school setting.


NCSS has weekly appointments available to assess adolescents 12-18 and make recommendations, as appropriate, for additional services. Substance Abuse Clinicians provide the following supports:

  • Consultation and outreach to new referrals
  • Comprehensive screening and assessment
  • Individual therapeutic counseling
  • Community and transitional support services
  • Group-based treatment supports
  • School-Based substance treatment services
  • Urinalysis collection
  • Service coordination with individual treatment teams
  • Psychoeducation for families and community providers
  • Referral for other services needs (psychiatry, IFBS, etc.)

60 Lake Street, Suite 100
St. Albans, VT
(802) 524-6554

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