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Screening & Assessment

Professional, certified counselors and case managers conduct screening and assessment to determine if there is a substance abuse problem, the nature of the person’s substance abuse and recommend appropriate treatment using evidence-based tools. Urine screening and analysis is used as a tool during the assessment process as well as a part of ongoing treatment to evaluate treatment progress and reinforce recovery. Lund’s approach to assessment is that we receive collateral information from client’s past and current providers, in addition to an extensive interview with the client and the use of urine screening and analysis.


Residential Services

Lund offers Residential Treatment in a 26-bed facility with 24-hour counseling staff, on-site nursing staff, and access to comprehensive treatment services.  Eligibility is restricted to pregnant and parenting young women with a substance abuse and/or mental health diagnosis. Lund’s Residential program is the only facility in Vermont in which mothers can receive treatment while residing in a highly structured and supervised setting with their children.


Individual & Group Counseling

Counseling services at Lund take a creative approach to maximizing the use of interagency and community collaboration. Our counseling services are also gender specific. Individualized treatment plans are established following an assessment and take into consideration the needs of the entire family. Treatment activities include individual, family and group counseling sessions. Counseling services utilize evidence-based, solution-focused techniques in order to support parents in developing recovery skills. Counseling is trauma-informed and treatment approaches include but are not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Relapse Prevention, Motivational Enhancement and Psychoeducation.  Additionally, substance abuse counseling at Lund focuses on enhancing family relationships through family counseling and social supports by encouraging parents to participate in peer- based recovery groups and activities.

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