Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

HowardCenter provides a broad range of quality services and supports to community members who are experiencing the effects of mental illness and/or substance use disorders. All our services are tailored to a client’s individual needs.

Additional Locations


Outpatient Services

Pine Street Counseling Services: Pine Street Counseling Services provides mental health and substance abuse outpatient and intensive outpatient counseling and therapy for adults. In addition, the program provides assessment and intervention, specialized trauma support services, and short- and long-term individual and group options. For more information, call 802.488.6103.

St. Albans Outpatient Services: St. Albans Outpatient Services provides quality substance abuse counseling to Grand Isle and Franklin County residents. Programs include individual and group substance abuse counseling. Specific treatment options and intensity vary according to individual needs. 488-6265

Eldercare: Eldercare offers in-home and office-based support to older adults who are experiencing depression or other mental health issues. Eldercare counselors meet with adults to address mental health concerns and to make referrals to other programs and services as necessary.

Criminal Justice Programs: Our Criminal Justice Programs were created with the recognition that criminal actions are often linked to persistent mental health and/or substance abuse issues. The goal of our programs is to address the underlying mental health issues and to support individuals while they begin to make changes in their lives.

CRASH: CRASH Drinking Driver Assessments and Schools provide the screening process and referral following license suspension resulting from a drinking and driving conviction. For more information about the CRASH Program, call 802.488.6151.

Chittenden Clinic: Chittenden Clinic provides methadone maintenance therapy for those with opioid dependence. The program offers a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment for patients. Services may include methadone maintenance therapy, individual and group therapy sessions, and medical consultation/dose adjustments as needed. 488-6450

Safe Recovery: Safe Recovery aims to reduce the incidence of drug-related harm in Vermont among people who have used or are using heroin or other opiates or who have injected any drug. Services include case management, drug treatment options counseling, syringe exchange, HIV testing and referrals, Hepatitis C testing and referrals, Hepatitis A/B vaccinations, overdose prevention, corrections outreach, and recovery support services. 488-6067

Community Support Program

Community Support Programs (CSP) serve adults diagnosed with a major mental illness. An evaluation by a psychiatrist determines if a person meets the states requirements for our services. All services in CSP (case management, residential, counseling, vocational services, and medication supports) are based on the same eligibility requirements set by the State of Vermont. For eligibility information, call 802.488.6208

Crisis Services

ACT1: The Public Inebriate Program in Chittenden County, provides a safe and supervised environment for individuals who are incapacitated due to alcohol or other drugs until they can regain sobriety, usually overnight. For more information, call 802.488.6425.

ASSIST: ASSIST is a six-bed crisis stabilization and hospital diversion program for any Chittenden County resident who is experiencing a psychiatric crisis. We provide crisis respite to help people with psychiatric disabilities remain in the community and divert admissions to inpatient care. We also assist clients who are leaving an inpatient setting to transition back to the community. 488-6411

Mobile Crisis Team: Mobile Crisis Team is a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week program. It provides immediate response to requests from Chittenden County residents, 18 and older, and their support systems. Any person who is concerned about a mental health issue may call the Crisis Hotline for a consultation with a mental health professional. For more information, please call 802.488.6400.

Street Outreach Program: This team provides a range of outreach and support services for persons in and around the downtown Burlington business district.

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