Health Care and Rehabilitation Services:

Our mission is to provide creative, collaborative, and compassionate health care services that are responsive to the needs of our communities.

General office hours are 8:30am to 5pm.

Daily walk in clinic – We offer daily drop in hours at each of our locations.  This means that you or your loved ones can access treatment when you need/want it, without an appointment; or you can simply come in to talk with someone about what’s going on in your life and help identify other community resources.

Case Management – Our case management teams can support you in managing your community based needs, around such challenges as finances, housing, connecting with other community providers, transportation and employment and education.  We are able to meet you in the community, attend appointments with you, and support you in creating a personalized support network!

Individual/Group Therapy – We offer a variety of group aimed at various treatment needs, including women’s only and men’s only groups. Because we have so many group offerings, we can tailor your treatment needs to your priority!  Our fully licensed and certified staff also offer individual sessions for those folks whose initial needs require something different.

Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP) – We offer Intensive Outpatient Therapy for Windsor County, for folks who need a more intense level of support when they first start their journey to wellness and recovery.  IOP consists of 3 hour groups, 3 days a week, and often includes individual sessions and case management support as needed to help folks kick start their treatment!

Sometimes, folks are mandated to treatment for things such as CRASH and driving license reinstatement needs, or due to probation needs, or due to some other external entity.  ALL of our staff are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to helping you identify your goals and manage these external entities; we can support you in reaching your goals while also managing some outside requirements.


Court Programs

Sparrow Project

Pre-sentencing program through Windsor Superior Court, open to folks 18 and older with misdemeanors and nonviolent felony charges.  Referrals are made via your attorney.

DUI court

Open to folks with 3rd or subsequent Drug Use charges.

Integrated Domestic Violence Docket

Provides a holistic collaborative approach for plaintiffs and defendants in family and criminal court to support and provide early access to mental health services and community supports.

7 Challenges – (Adolescent programming)

Specific to supporting adolescents and young adults in learning how to make good decisions about their lives including their use of alcohol and drugs.  We work closely with family members (with permission).


A monthly evening CRASH school program and the CRASH evaluation program for folks who need exit interviews as the final step to getting their license back.

Springfield, VT
802-886-4500; Ask to speak to the Access Coordinator

Katherine M. Cook, Director of Adult Mental Health and Addiction Services; Vanessa Lane, Assistant Director of Adult Mental Health and Addiction Services

TTY service available? Yes
Interpreter services available? Yes