Habit OPCO:
West Lebanon, NH

Habit OPCO is a healthcare facility that provides addiction treatment services to communities in need, in a manner which respects each individuals worth and recognizes their desire to improve the quality of their lives.

Habit OPCO Brattleboro and W. Lebanon programs are recognized Vermont HUB programs.  We are dedicated to treating people with dignity and respect and assisting them to obtain a drug-free lifestyle.  Our philosophy is based on the fact that medication assisted treatment combined with life skills counseling has been shown to be the best treatment available for opiate-dependent individuals.  Habit OPCO recognizes that opiate dependence is a complex disorder requiring expertise in addressing all of its many consequences.  We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment addressing the physical, psychological and social aspects of addiction.


Our programs offer:

  • Substance Abuse Assessments
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (methadone and suboxone/subutex)
  • Individual, Group and Family Counseling
  • Care coordination services that offer a full range of health, social rehabilitative services which include, but are not limited to, HIV education, employment services, behavioral health services and legal referrals.

Our services are available to anyone seeking treatment for substance abuse. Persons who may not be appropriate for treatment at one of our facilities will be assisted in obtaining treatment in a more appropriate setting.


254 N. Plainfield Rd
West Lebanon, NH
(603) 298-2146