Counseling Service of Addison County, INC (CSAC)

The Counseling Service of Addison County is committed to promoting stable and safe communities by helping people live emotionally healthy and satisfying lives. We strive to provide the best mental health, substance abuse, and developmental services to improve the quality of life for all community members. We work collaboratively with community organizations to help individuals and families achieve maximum wellness.


We commit to:

  • treat consumers and employees with courtesy, respect, and dignity; design services based on people’s strengths and capabilities;
  • listen to and involve consumers, staff, and the community;
  • respond to the evolving needs of the community and individuals;
  • focus on problem prevention and early intervention;
  • provide services which use resources wisely;
  • create vital roles within our organization for consumers and family members;
  • offer employees opportunities to grow and advance;
  • value diversity.



Adult Outpatient Services – This program offers treatment and specialty support for adults of all ages. We offer an extensive assessment and patient-driven treatment planning that includes group and individual counseling for mental health and substance abuse recovery. We work toward the patient’s specific goals for education, family, career and much more. In this program we also include psychiatric services for treatment using counseling in conjunction with medication options. Our emergency team is top-notch and ready to support and respond to any urgent care needs.

Youth and Family Services – Integrated treatment and support specifically built for the needs of families and children is at the heart of this program. Support includes family advocacy, lost and runaway support programs, counseling for mental health and substance abuse issues and prevention, child psychiatric support and medication options, school-based counseling supports and vocational support.

Developmental Services – This program is designed to help understand eligibility status and determination as well as offer support to those in needs of services. We offer social and education supports, residential and case management services as well as employment. Our staff understands traumatic brain injury in addition to other types of disability

Community Rehabilitation Services – CRT services include psychiatric services, vocational support, individual and group counseling, recovery and wellness support. Our knowledgeable staff can help with residential consultations and help to navigate patient care and needs.

Emergency Services: Any person in need of immediate support for depression, extreme anxiety, family issues, drug and alcohol needs and much more can access our service team for immediate, emergency support anytime 24hours a day. Our emergency contact information is: 388-7641

89 Main Street
Middlebury, VT
(802) 388-6751

TTY service available? Yes
Interpreter services available? Yes