Brattleboro Retreat:
Inpatient Addiction Treatment

The Brattleboro Retreat’s Adult Inpatient Treatment Program provides people ages 18 and older with a broad range of short-term, 24-hour, acute care services for a wide range of severe mental health and addiction problems. Admissions to the Retreat’s inpatient units are accepted 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week.

We provide skilled assessment, rapid intervention and acute crisis stabilization for adults who are experiencing severe episodes of many psychiatric problems, including Co-occurring Disorders (Dual Diagnosis) and the need for withdrawal from alcohol, opiates, prescription drugs and other potentially dangerous or addictive substances. This process of safe withdrawal management, sometimes known as “detox” is only a part of the stabilization effort that takes place on the inpatient units. Our inpatient mental health and addiction treatment program offers sophisticated, coordinated care from an experienced team that includes board-certified psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, licensed social workers, and mental health workers.


For patients struggling with both a substance abuse problem and one or more mental health issues (i.e., depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder), the Brattleboro Retreat’s adult treatment program for co-occurring disorders (sometimes called dual diagnosis treatment) can help.

Our short-term hospital (inpatient) program provides compassionate, high-quality:

  • Intervention
  • Medical Withdrawal Management
  • Acute Stabilization of mental health and addiction problems
  • Referral and connection to ongoing care and treatment

Our adult co-occurring disorders inpatient treatment program offers 24-hour care in a safe and nurturing environment that’s designed to promote healing and ongoing recovery. Our treatment approach focuses on helping to develop and maintain sobriety while also managing co-occurring psychiatric issues (such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, etc.). We’ll work with clients and family members to help:

  • Understand the cycle of addiction.
  • Learn how substance abuse and mental health problems can make each other worse (when they’re not both treated at the same time).
  • Develop an aggressive, comprehensive aftercare plan to support recovery.

The Brattleboro Retreat’s Adult Co-occurring Disorders treatment team specializes in providing:

  • An accurate diagnosis
  • Aggressive, immediate, effective treatment
  • Thorough medication evaluation
  • Education and support to help clients make a strong and successful recovery