Behavioral Health and Wellness Center

As a division of the Community Health Service of Lamoille Valley, the Behavioral Health and Wellness Center (BHWC) can provide comprehensive, integrated care. While the BHWC can provide comprehensive substance abuse treatment alone, for individuals interested in having their primary care needs met as part of their substance abuse recovery, integrated services with our family practice offices in Stowe and Morrisville assures complete health care.


Intensive Recovery Skills Program:

The IRSP offered at BHWC is an 8-week program, similar to an intensive outpatient program (IOP). IRSP is a type of treatment service and support program to enable people in recovery to continue their recovery therapies following successful detox.  IRSP operates on a small scale and does not require the intensive residential or partial day services typically offered by the larger, more comprehensive treatment facilities. The IRSP is designed to accommodate the individual to be able to participate in their daily affairs, work, and family life.

IRSP allows the individual to start rebuilding their personal life by living at home and establishes a foundation for long term recovery support.


CRASH School (Drinking Drivers Rehabilitation Program):

This program is for individuals who have engaged in risky behavior with substance misuse while operating a motor vehicle.  The CRASH program is informative and change oriented. The program philosophy is that people will make safety decisions if they have the opportunity and support needed to make change.

CRASH school offered ongoing as well CRASH screenings, intakes and exits.


Preferred provider for Vermont Department of Health Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs (ADAP):

ADAP Mission:  To help Vermonters prevent and eliminate the problems caused by alcohol and other drug use.

Behavioral Health and Wellness specializes in trauma and substance use as well as other co-occurring disorders.  Offering intensive recovery skills program inclusive of psychiatry, case management, clinical groups and individual therapy.  Also, offer counseling for family’s affected by substance use.  Numerous groups are available for those suffering with substance use disorders including DBT, insomnia, anger management, WRAP, relapse prevention, early recovery, mindfulness/meditation, chronic pain and trauma.  Working with the young adult population affected by substance use disorders and co-occurring issues.  Also, work with adolescents in school settings for substance use prevention and treatment.

As a federally qualified health care center we offer connections to both a medical and dental home.

Medication Assistant Treatment available through primary care working in conjunction with a spoke team, supported by a nurse and a clinician.


Specific Services Offered:

o   Team-based approach to care

o   Case Management

o   Coordinated Care with primary care providers

o   Integration of counseling services and psychiatric services.

o   Treatment for children, adolescents and adults

o   Services for individuals, couples and families


Our licensed professionals, including a Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Alcohol & Drug Counselors and Case Managers
work closely with our patients.  Out team-based approach has a focus to develop the necessary self-directed skills that promote and enhance the healing process.   These skills encourage continual growth toward personal goals.


We also offer ongoing outpatient group therapy including:

·      Co-occurring PTSD and Substance Abuse

·      Intensive Recovery Skills Program (IRSP)

·      Living with Chronic Pain

·      Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

·      Helping Women Recover

·      Recovery Skills Management

·      Co-Ed Anger Management

·      Insomnia Group

·      Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

·      Vermont’s Alcohol Driver Education Program- CRASH

·      Divorce Support Group

·      Grief Support Group

·      Parenting Group

65 Northgate Plaza, Suite 11
Morrisville, VT

Hayley Hamilton, Clinical Director; Andrea Phelps, Office Manager

Interpreter services available? Yes