Residential Treatment and Transitional Bridge Program


Management (Acute Detox)

Following a telephone interview and determination of eligibility, clients are given an admission date. Some clients may be required to obtain a medical clearance within 24 hours prior to admission. Upon admission, each client’s physical state is assessed as it relates to detoxification. Each client is closely monitored by medical staff during their time in Acute Detox and an initial treatment plan is developed and implemented to provide safety, optimal health, comfort, and educational opportunities. Respectful and compassionate support is offered during the adjustment period into a disciplined treatment program. Further psychological and psychiatric evaluation and consultation is available when needed. The length of stay in Acute Detox is one to five days, depending on need.


Clinically Managed High-Intensity Residential Services (Residential Treatment)

The length of stay in Residential Treatment is up to 30 days, but is flexible and based on each individual’s assessed needs. Each client participates in a collaborative effort with their assigned case manager to develop a treatment plan that is individualized to address their specific needs and meet their recovery goals. Residential Treatment clients participate in community meetings, daily group counseling, psycho-education and skill building groups, and individual counseling.  Other activities include physical exercise, leisure time pursuits, structured interaction with peers, creative activities and therapies and family therapy.


Continuing Care (Aftercare)

Maple Leaf Treatment Center utilizes the American Society of Addiction Medicine Criteria (ASAM) as the guide for admission and discharge decisions.  Clients are successfully discharged from treatment when they have met their treatment goals and resolved the problem that prompted admission to treatment. Clients begin planning for discharge and continuing care from the beginning of treatment and each client develops an aftercare plan that describes the services and supports needed to target their ongoing needs and ensure sustained recovery. All aftercare plans are designed to address multiple life domains, including substance abuse, vocation/education, family, medical and mental health, legal, housing, and transportation.

Bridge Program:  Offers a temporary transition for clients completing residential treatment who are immediately unable to access community based weekly individual and group case management and medication assisted treatment services

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