Intensive Outpatient Treatment


Maple Leaf Treatment Center utilizes the American Society of Addiction Medicine Criteria (ASAM) as the guide for admission and discharge decisions. Clients are successfully discharged from treatment when they have met their treatment goals and resolved the problem that prompted admission to treatment. Clients begin planning for discharge and continuing care from the beginning of treatment and each client develops an aftercare plan that describes the services and supports needed to target their ongoing needs and ensure sustained recovery. All aftercare plans are designed to address multiple life domains, including substance abuse, vocation/education, family, medical and mental health, legal, housing, and transportation.

Intensive Outpatient Program:  Offering an intensive individual and group therapy treatment program in cooperation with the Howard Center in Burlington, VT, with groups meeting three times each week in Burlington.

855 Pine Street
Burlington, VT

TTY service available? Yes
Interpreter services available? Yes